Christelle Ratz

06 99 04 50 31

Well-being coaching

* Cabinet 121 bd Emmanuel Rouquier 06 130 Grasse,
* At your house,
* In Opio (06 650),

* In Lapenche (82 240) – One week per month

English spoken

About me


Food balance, boost your immunity, your vitality, your performances, weight loss, better manage your stress

of the body

Ionizing foot spa
Detoxination of the organism and heavy metals, acid-base balance, inflammation, chronic pain, reduction of stress-related effects

postural balance

  • Body massage
    (swedish, sporty, relaxing)
  • Back pain, cervical pain, bruxism…

Drainage of liquids

Deep detoxination, weightloss,
accelerated circulation of fluids, edemas, immunity, sleep, tiredness, regenerating, relaxing, atheltes


Energétique d’Orient : energy, vitality, balance of meridians


Reach a goal, become freer. Release your emotional and psychological brakes

Lymphiris face care

+ face drainage.
Lifting effect from the first session. Immediate and lasting visible results. Anti-wrinkle. Action on whole body, on face and crane tissues. Deep relaxing.

Well-being coaching

Go towards lasting well-being and more happiness. Achieve a goal, solve a problem.
(Master of well-being)

Sports coaching

Soft and tonic gym in awareness of body and movement

Conference, blog

To come up

« Be the change you want to see in the world!» Gandhi

The greatest traveler is not the one who has been around the world ten times, but the one who has been around himself only once. Gandhi

I decided to be happy because it’s good for your health. Voltaire

Move on your way, because it only exists by your walk . Augustin d’Hippone

If we take nature as our guide, we will never go astray. Cicéron

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything much better. Einstein

The wisdom of nature is to know well the way of balance towards its own healing.

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